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Overweight and obesity affect the majority of people.  It is also the main cause of many serious chronic disease.
Diets and restrictive eating patterns are short-term strategies to lose weight but rarely are individuals able to keep the weight off.
Our Healthy Weight Solutions program is based on scientifically-proven approaches to weight loss.  The program will use Bio-Electric energy acupoints massage to activating the Qi to help bring the body back into alignment to accelerate metabolism entirely and regionally  to promote weight-loss.



In the meantime, our healthcare provider will guide you using effective herbs or natural medicine to strengthen and balance the function of your visceral organs, and  may teaching tools and resources that will empower you to understand food, nutrition, weight and your health.
Our Healthy Weight Solutions program is not a “quick fix” to losing weight. Rather, it is a balanced approach to assisting you towards a healthier weight by guiding you to understand the barriers, effective strategies, and sustain dietary and lifestyle changes for life.