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Reborn “Water of Stripping” is a patented technology from Germany’s 30 years of clinical experience. Medical experts are concerned about this aspect, and it has been reported in various cosmetic journals.

Reborn DevAging: winkles, unevenness, sagging…
Our subcutaneous tissue has many layers. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are lost as age is getting older, and all layers of the skin are stuck together, so various aging problems occur.

Reborn “Water of Stripping” is a technology of peeling the aging skin that sticks together, peeled off by point-to-point and layer by layer to forming a wound. By body’s own capacity to repair, regenerate, and proliferate, stimulate the regeneration of collagen in each layer of skin, thereby growing ours own newborn cells. Also known as soft peeling, the damage is small and the recovery period is fast. No operation, No surgery, No filling, No Botox. The nature anti-aging method makes wrinkles, sagging to fullness, firmness and luster; restores the youthful age skin condition fully.

Reborn “Water of Stripping” Features:

Safety: No operation, No surgery, No filling, No Botox. 360 degrees can be operated around the eyes. No Down Time!!
Effective: 7 to 10 days gradually appear for one section
Long-lasting: self-regeneration, natural anti-aging, easy to maintain 3~5 years
Comprehensive: Easy to solve three major problems of aging: wrinkles, unevenness and sagging

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