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Who We Are

We are a Lifestyle Genomics company using the science of DNA and our access  to best-in-class nutraceuticals to create the world’s first truly personalized and customized supplements.

Discover your genetic potential.

This is Youtrients

Youtrients Subscription

Why DNA?

Your DNA is your manual.

It determines how you function as an individual. Every person on the planet has the same genes, but the variations within these genes is what makes us unique. By testing your DNA, we can determine exactly what those variations are and what impact they have on your overall health and lifestyle.

Our DNA can give us information and greater clarity in regards to common health concerns and disorders such as:

  • Migraines, brain fog, and fatigue
  • Lack of energy, and overall tiredness
  • Anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental illness
  • Hormonal imbalances, hair and weight loss, and poor physical & sexual performance
  • Risk of Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’sand Diabetes
  • Eczema, psoriasis, muscle and nerve pain, or recurrent cold & flu symptoms
  • Correct diet, nutrition, and exercise choices
  • Autoimmune conditions and disorders

What's in my Youtrients?

Your Youtrients customized formulation contains a variety of natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, antioxidants and other nutraceuticals. These ingredients are clinically studied and sourced from around the world through a rigorous program based on their quality, purity, transparency and traceability before becoming a part of your formulation.

The ingredients in your formulation are selected based on their ability to support your genes by managing their expression or the way they act to direct the body’s functions. They are also selected based on your specific health concerns that you’d like to address and in some cases, they can provide a sensorial experience such as a mood or energy boost or help you to calm down and relax.

What are the benefits of the program?

The goal of Youtrients is to help you achieve optimized health using the science and power of DNA.

  • We’ll help set your personalized health outcomes and goals, then help you achieve them by monitoring your progress throughout the program and making changes where necessary to your formula.
  • When you sign up for the program you’ll get access to your own personalized online portfolio which will include a personalized gene report and video consult.
  • You’ll also gain access to perks like free samples from our partners in health, access to the latest and greatest in the world of nutraceuticals, as well as recipes, videos, blog posts, events, diet and nutrition recommendations.